Montigo Resort @ Batam

Rise & shine! & off we go for a short getaway! It was a long weekend for most Singaporeans so we decided to spend our weekends away from Singapore! We all love long weekends don’t we (save a lot of annual leave application yeah)!

& this time it is to Montigo Resort @ Batam!

How to get there: From Singapore, it only takes about 45 mins by ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry terminal to the nearest NongsaPura Ferry Terminal. There is only bus 35 from Tanah Merah MRT station to the ferry terminal which takes about 20mins.

Ferry to NongsaPura Ferry Terminal by Batamfast, you can purchase the tickets online via their website! Just bring your confirmation & exchange for the boarding pass when you arrive at the counter.



There are usually many people in the ferry terminal, shows how much we love Indonesia haha.



& here we are! The sea was really smooth that day so it only took us about 30 mins ferry ride (even faster than I travel from Jurong to Punggol in Singapore)!DSC01630There will be staff from various resorts in the terminal to fetch their visitors, so do look out for & follow the correct staff! The shuttle bus ride from the terminal to Montigo Resort is free, & it only takes about 6mins to reach the resort!

Welcome to Montigo Resort @ Batam! This is popular resort that Singaporeans love to visit, not because it’s cheap (in fact it’s not!), but because their apartments are really nice for people to just relax and spend time with your loved ones! You will see why later!DSC01225


The staff there will be there to welcome you with welcome drink & towel once you arrived, and will help you with checking in/deposit luggages etc.DSC01233The check in time for the resort is in the afternoon, so if you reached early do plan some activities first to kill time before you get to check in!

The most common activity will be to visit the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall & getting some beauty work done for the ladies! Montigo resort do provide shuttle bus to NHSM daily at 10am & return @ 4pm, but you need to pay for this transport. Alternatively, you can arrange with them your own transport if you want to go & return at your own time.DSC01234.JPG

We had an early appointment with ESKA wellness/spa/massage & salon, which is just opposite the Nagoya Shopping Mall (to be precise it’s directly opposite A&W in the mall). As the name mentioned, you can choose from any treatment from head to toe to pamper yourself! The price is not super cheap, but still reasonable.DSC01242


Some of us did massage, hair treatment, I couldn’t decide if I want massage so eventually I just did a gelish manicure (Luckily I didn’t choose massage, doing nails alone took me quite some time already, but the result is good! DSC01255One of us did a hair treatment & the result seems really good! So something you can consider if you do visit them! Btw, the salon do provide free shuttle transport back to your resort if you spend an amount of IDR 1M in a visit (it’s very easy to hit that amount especially in big groups)!

Good time really flies, by the time we were all done it was lunch time already! Of course, how can we forget our favorite A&W! Some of you in Singapore should know we once have outlets in Singapore, but for some reason it ended business sob. So that’s why many of us like to have A&W when we are in Batam (because it’s RARE to us).DSC01256


The legendary root beer float I had, although I don’t really fancy root beer, but I just ordered it since I’m here haha. Food is still good though!DSC01263

The waffle tasted normal, but the soft serve makes everything taste better!DSC01267

Time to do some shopping to digest the food. My personal favorite hobby in every country I visited is SHOPPING IN SUPERMARKET! Don’t judge okie, but supermarkets are really interesting when you see all sorts of different items that you don’t see in your country and other countries. DSC01268That’s not the end of my supermarket tour yeah, I’ll share with you guys some of my favorite buys in the upcoming post (if not this post will drag forever).

Just a level above the Hypermart is the area where you will see different stores selling their local pastries & snacks!DSC01314


The food street is on the same level, pick any restaurant you fancy!DSC01317

DSC01316You might think it’s impossible, but just the Nagoya Hill Shopping mall alone we can spend half of the day there! & by then it’s time to return to the resort to relax!

An almost hour ride back to the resort & we finally can check in!DSC01320The chicken is the mascot of the resort btw, in case you are wondering (it’s not some random plushie).

Don’t worry about dragging your heavy luggage to your villa, the staff will arrange for buggy to bring you & your loved ones to the villa (even if it’s just around the corner)!DSC01229



The’kitchen’, which is more of like a cooking space is also in the living room!DSC01323

We reserved the spa villa for our stay, and besides the private pool, it comes with a mini hut for you to enjoy the scenery!DSC01324

As in the photo, there is a cooking area in the living room if you do prefer to do your own cooking, or if you are lazy like us, just grab a good dinner at their restaurants! Get your seafood craving fixed at the PanTai restaurant, where we had our dinner. Chinese cooking style, wonderful taste.DSC01343





Cereal prawn! All time favorite for many!DSC01348


TIIGO bar is open till late for night owls to have a drink, play darts and chill!DSC01383.JPG

After a good dinner and walk around, it’s time to enjoy the rest of the night in our villa, let me bring you around the rooms. The villa has 3 storey, the first would be the living room shown in the photos above, with the private pool, and the 2 bedrooms are all on the 2nd level. Here’s the master bedroom, which consists of a queen size bed & a sofa bed!DSC01335


Private bathroom in the master bedroom, which is pretty big with a bathtub in the middle where you can just watch the sky as you look up.DSC01333


This is the second bedroom just next to the master bedroom, with a private shower & toilet as well!DSC01338


The 3rd level is the rooftop where you can arrange for BBQ with your friends, the resort does provide BBQ package whereby they will get all ingredients, set up/clean up for you & you just need to pay & enjoy! But it’s not very cheap yoCAM00681

Besides the nice villa, you totally don’t need to worry about going hungry in the resort, there is complimentary breakfast buffet for all villa’s guests @ the TADD’S restaurant. The restaurant is also open for dinner so if you prefer western food you are welcome here!DSC01399.JPG



A pretty good variety of food to choose from, from pastries to Asian food to Indonesian food!DSC01388



DSC01394DSC01395If you were to try this Roti Jala, which is quite similar to pancake, but very thin, eat it with the condensed milk, it taste really much better than with curry (Okie, personal preferences though, just suggestion)!

DSC01398After breakfast, there were still plenty of time for us to go back for a swim, enjoy a walk along the beach before returning back to Singapore in the afternoon.




Exactly where the buggy will drop you for breakfast, there is a souvenir store which sells the resort’s merchandise and many different stuff:DSC01368

I really think that the resort team put in a lot of effort coming up with, designing these merchandise, these are all really new stuff which I didn’t see for my past few trips here & they are so pretty!DSC01364


Beachwear/accessories, traditional souvenirs at your purchase. DSC01373





Magnets for collectors like me!DSC01371

I did wonder why Cocoa Colony’s merchandise are here (btw I love their cocoa drink :D), but anyway, the merchandise are also really pretty that I almost fall into temptation to buy them. DSC01378

& it’s time to get to the ferry terminal for the return ferry home! The resort also provide free shuttle service to bring the guests back to the terminal, so no worries about transport!DSC01634Do remember to exchange for your boarding pass the first thing after arriving at the terminal! There are many passengers who were not aware and ended up having to re-queue to board! (There are always many passengers, so re-queue is no joke haha)

DSC01622This is where you exchange for the boarding pass! It’s probably one of the first thing you see once you arrive at the terminal.

Time to do some last minute shopping after that! Well, the terminal is really small, so don’t expect to spend half of your day there shopping, in fact half an hour is more than enough (yeah it’s that small). This is my ‘must buy’ whenever I am in this terminal! The ‘kuehs’ (meaning cakes).DSC01623


It’s just a small counter in front of the boarding pass counter, but they do sell different kuehs in different flavors, kueh lapis (Layer cake) which is quite popular among tourists and my favorite Honeycomb cake (The 3 boxes from the left)! Do try the honeycomb cake if you are there yeah! They have the pandan & original flavours & I love both! it’s about SGD10 per box if I remember correctly, not ultra cheap but I just wanna eat 😛DSC01624

I think durian lovers will like this durian pancake! The saleslady showed us some samples (yes see only, not tasting) and it smells pretty good (even though I don’t eat durian at all).DSC01631

Apparently, they have a lot of this brand’s store over Indonesia, you will see this wherever you are in Indonesia (based on personal experience).DSC01629

The snack shop for you to purchase any snacks in case you go hungry (seems like there’s food everywhere uh).DSC01628We waited for quite a while before we finally board the ferry as we reached pretty early, and due to the overwhelming crowd we were being ‘secretly’ (because we were not informed) moved to the next ferry which was 15 mins later than our scheduled ferry. Thank god although we were delayed, we got a pretty empty ferry back & we managed to hail a cab home really fast after arrival in SG!

BeautyPlus_20160512202318_saveThis was not my first trip to the resort, but every trip here is always enjoyable! They have a resort in Bali as well, would definitely visit it in future! Do visit them @ to plan your future trip!




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