Looking back: Life as a cabin crew

I was looking for some clothes to pack for my next trip when I look up & saw my uniform stacked nicely right up there in my wardrobe. Yup, my uniform when I was a cabin crew in SIA. I took them down and tried it on again, not because I missed wearing the uniform, I just want to see if I still can fit in haha #anticlimax #girls. (& yes! The uniform is in fact still a bit loose hehe. I’ll burn the uniform if I cannot fit in. #reality)

BeautyPlus_20160602125659_save.jpgI still love my name tag, a momento for me now πŸ˜€

Cabin crew was never my dream/ childhood dream or whatever, instead I had the common dream like many kids to become a teacher, doctor etc. It was only till I am almost graduating from University that it came across my mind.

I think part of the reason I wanted to be a cabin crew that time was to prove that I can do it. I grew up as a child with low confidence, because I didn’t look good when I was young, and often being make fun of because of that. You know, comments like ‘Nerd’, ‘ugly’ and whatever it was. I was never the kind of pretty girls that are popular in school, and you should see how the pretty ones are treated differently.

But I think about it now, it was because of the shit that I went through that push me further to become better, because I never want to be called ugly and nerd again etc. So over the years, I do many things to build up my confidence and being a cabin crew was part of them. (WHY? Because not everyone can go through the many rounds of interview and compete with so many aspiring cabin crew, of course you feel good when you manage to do that yeah. #human)


Okie, the make up, nails, hair & all in this photo is ‘KT standard’ not the ‘SQ standard’, don’t follow ah. You will learn the ‘SQ standard’ in training school.

Honestly if you ask if I missed being a cabin crew, my answer is a straight NO. Yup, I do not miss having lunch at London, dinner at Frankfurt, always posting nice photos of the world on IG/FB all these sh*t. These are really just a facade of being a cabin crew, behind these photos, there are things that the cabin crew don’t say.


The fact is, before you get to land in whichever station, you have to go through the routine of reporting 2hrs before flight, attend the briefing, prepare the aircraft for passengers to board, wait for boarding, wait for take off, serve meals, check lavatories, serve meals again, clear cabin, wait for landing blah blah and it goes on. It already sounds tired to me now when I think about it. It’s not like you just pack your luggage and take the plane and ta dah! you reached the station. rubbish. Addition to that, sometimes if you work with PMS-ing crew (Males included), it’s even more tiring. I’ve got my fair share of that and I had enough of them. My life is too short to waste time on handling nonsense people.



Another truth is that actually you only get to travel to that few countries listed. Yes it’s true that you can be very familiar with that few countries after a few more trip, but… yeah so what? That’s so far you can go. When you look at the list of countries the airline fly to, it looks a lot, but remember that a lot are just turnaround flights too, countries like Saigon, Guangzhou, Bangalore etc. That explains why some crew just fly to the country and sleep, literally, because they have been there too may times and they rather take the time to rest before flying back to SG. Oh yes, one important thing is many times the stay in each country is just a one night stay, so if you want to tour around you really have to sacrifice rest and go out immediately after you reach the hotel. (Pretty tiring actually).

& people often say ‘Wow you are paid to travel around the world!’ Seriously, I really don’t think so. Instead, you are paid to WORK to different countries.IMG_20140814_165916.jpgActually, I was surprised that I even managed to finish the 3.5 months of training before I can officially fly. Because there’s too much things to look out for during training that makes life so suffocating, you have to greet everyone (you never know who will complain about you if you don’t, and that happened to some people), make up and hair have to always be SUPER neat (this will still go on for the next 6 months after you finish training actually because you are still under probation, being the most JUNIOR most of the time), a lot a lot of things to study during training, quizzes etc. Although the people in training school always say they are treating us like adults, it’s really not. You are basically treated like school kids when you are in training school.

& if you notice, I mentioned 6 months of PROBATION (You might get probation extended if anything goes wrong okie). Gosh, it’s a really long period when you are always on check and being ‘watched’ because you are always the most JUNIOR one. I don’t understand this hierarchy sh*t seriously till now, can’t people just treat each other equally, instead of making life difficult for people? But I must say, I have met very nice senior crew before, and these are people that I really appreciate. But many times there are really mean crew around as well. I won’t share the stories here, don’t wanna scare the aspiring cabin crew hahaha.


Well of course, I did enjoy the moment when I walk around the streets of different cities, the nice people I met along the way, but comparing the pros and cons, I think leaving the airline was definitely a much better choice. & YES it is! I don’t go for so many flights now as compared to the past, but I still travel often and definitely enjoy each trip much more (No rush for time, no lack of sleep etc)IMG_20140908_133213


Nowadays whenever I see the advertisement for cabin crew recruitment, and all the eager interest and comments that the cabin crew wannabe show, I do so much want to ask them ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ But I will be reminded by my past self, I was like them, eager to join and it didn’t matter to me what negative things people warn me about being a cabin crew. My thought back then was, AT LEAST I TRIED. & yes, although I did not enjoy the job very much till the end, I did not regret joining the airline, because of the experiences I gained, and the better person I’ve become (due to all the ‘torture’ hahaha kidding okie).

So, if you really want to be a cabin crew, just go ahead! But do weight all the pros & cons carefully before you join (If not you have to pay bond if you quit before bond ends too!) As for the existing crew, this post has no offense in any way to anyone. & if you are not enjoying the job anymore, have been planning to leave, just pick up the courage to leave. You have to make the step out before you can see what great things are waiting for you in front! πŸ™‚

Anyway, this is just a random post.

Gonna prepare for the next trip! Look out for the next post! πŸ˜€


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8 Responses to Looking back: Life as a cabin crew

  1. Very interesting reflections!


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  3. Sartenada says:

    I love Your story and read it with high interest. Thank You. My daughter flew few years, but she has to give up flying due hers small daughter. Long-haul flight are not intended for a single parent. She flew to Far East (Singapore also) nearly all of her flights due to her language skills. Maybe You would love to read my airline life story including five years flying. Here:

    About me.

    There are also photos from my country Finland in a nutshell. Happy and safe travels!


  4. Sartenada says:

    I just wonder why my link above did not worked.

    About me.

    Remove if needed. Thank You.


  5. Suvi says:

    I loved to hear your thoughts on this. I always dreamed of being cabin crew but I’m too short πŸ˜‰


  6. socm97 says:

    Thank you for sharing !


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