Porvoo – The Old Charming City

A short post before my flight tonight! Let’s talk about PORVOO today!

Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland. It is located about 50km east from Helsinki, and only took about an hour bus ride from the capital to Porvoo. We traveled there for a day trip on our last day in Finland, it was good that we stayed just across the Helsinki central station, it makes going anywhere convenient. We took a bus from the terminal and reached Porvoo in less than an hour.DSC01356

After you arrive at their bus terminal, head inside to grab yourself a map of Porvoo for convenience, it’s FREE!DSC01385

Old Porvoo is like a huge museum, and the small city itself is an attraction. Besides some cafes, restaurants and small hotels you may find as you walk around the city, the attraction itself is also home to many local there. DSC01345


Porvoo seems to be an artistic city, walking around the city feels like walking in a painting, and what I like about other countries is the graffiti art, honestly I do feel it adds more live to a place or things sometimes. DSC01338

Old Bridge. One of the local told us that we should walk across the bridge as it will bring us more luck haha. Well honestly I’m not so sure, but you know being a tourist you probably just choose to believe anything that signifies good luck heh.DSC01347.JPGAs mentioned, the city itself is an attraction, so all the residential houses are part of the attractions as well. & that’s why we got lost halfway through, because it looks the same everywhere we walk haha.

The Porvoo Cathedral, from what I understand from its history, personally I think this church went through quite a lot, considering that it was burned down 5 times and finally reopened to public in 2008.DSC01367

I didn’t manage to take any photos of the interior, as it wasn’t allowed from what I remember. But it was really clean & pretty inside, despite being a small cathedral. 🙂 DSC01370

Oh dear, I then realized I didn’t manage to take much photos in Porvoo, so this is going to be a really short post.  Actually, if you are not looking into doing much activities and just want to find a place to chill, Porvoo will be a good place for you to sit around the cafe/restaurants and people watch and chill.DSC01358.JPG


I didn’t manage to visit the chocolate factory because it was not open when I was there. BOO:( Gosh this is a really short post, I’ll remember to take more photos next time.:(Half shotThe day trip to Porvoo was unplanned, and we just decided to travel there when we saw how beautiful the city looks in the tourist brochure haha. Indeed, it was a right choice and I enjoyed how relaxing the city makes me feel. I would probably want to move to such nice places for retirement when I’m really old 😀

Will be back next week! Wait for my next trip post! 😀

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10 Responses to Porvoo – The Old Charming City

  1. I love visiting Porvoo in the summertime. I’m pleased you had an opportunity to go there.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sartenada says:

    How happy I am when I read that You visited Porvoo and admired Your gorgeous photos. It is one of my favorite town among small towns alongside our coastline. Just before Christmas it is fantastic beautiful.

    Happy and safe travels!


  3. Suvi says:

    I love Porvoo and the cute wooden houses. Looks like you and I posed in the same place 😉



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