Travel ‘LIVE’ Day 1!

Current time: 0644 (GMT+8)

Current Location: Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

Destination: Bangkok

2016-07-13-06-32-54Helo all! So I decided to try out ‘LIVE BLOGGING’ for the next few days for my trip, so everyone will be able to travel together with me at the same time! (& so that I won’t forget what to write about after the trip heh).

Just done with check in, waiting for boarding! Taking Jetstar this time, since BKK is so near, no point taking expensive airlines right (save some money from being cheapo sometimes).

2016-07-13-06-41-16But I really don’t fancy the DIY check-in system for Jetstar, it’s like you are doing EVERYTHING yourself, so having the staff there are not of much help actually:P I think if they open up counters for staff to help passengers do normal check in, it will be so much faster rather than passengers running here & there wondering what to do next.

I will update this post as & when I am able to! Let’s board the plane now people! See you all later! XOXO

Current time: 1013 (GMT+7)

Location: Bangkok

Hello all! I’ve arrived in the land of cheap food & clothings!

20160713_093546Bought a 7 days unlimited data SIM card for THB299, there are many other stores selling similar plan, but since the Q is much shorter here & staff are helpful, we just got it here to save some time!

20160713_094616Oh you know, although I’ve been to Bangkok for a few times, this is the first time I’m taking public taxi from the airport to the hotel! It’s quite convenient though, just get a Q number & go to the lane as stated on the slip!

20160713_094201Off to the hotel!

Current time: 1146 (GMT+7)

Location: Centrepoint Hotel Pratunam No.6, Soi15,, Petchburi Rd., Phaya Thai, Rajtaewee, Bangkok 10400

Finally arrived at the hotel after the LONG taxi ride, jam was bad as usual:O Good thing is taxi fare is cheap, only costed us about 350THB.


I’m impressed by the size of the room, it’s quite big! & most important of all, CLEAN!20160713_113737.jpgThere’s a kitchen area with freezer fridge! It means I can buy ice cream & keep heheh!

20160713_113643My buddies can’t wait for lunch already, time to go makan!

Lunch time: 1224 (GMT+7)

Lunch location: Sabx2 Wanton Mee

6, 2/6 Soi Phetchaburi 19, Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400 (Opposite Platinum Mall)2016-07-13-13-16-58The legendary wanton mee again! Still taste good with the rich pork lard taste, I heard many guys asking for 2nd bowl haha, I guess partly because the portion was small for guys.

20160713_122419Pork trotter is recommended when you go over too!2016-07-13-13-18-27

Time: 1400

Location: Union Mall20160713_154711Read about good reviews of the mall, especially that it is said to be a good substitute of Platinum Mall, so I went! The mall have 5 level,pretty spacious,definitely have clothes at cheap price, but I still think Platinum Mall have more variety. As for the food court, all their menus are in Thai, so it can become quite difficult for foreigners.

20160713_143420 There are quite a variety of restaurants to choose from, & the Korean restaurants look really good, but I had some sweet tooth itching so I had to feed myself some desserts. I was attracted to this cafe because of the honey toast on their poster 😀

20160713_141400.jpgThis is the toast! Although it doesn’t look as fantastic, I find the taste pretty good! totally satisfy my sweet tooth! I’m a true blue honey toast fan! 20160713_140048We ordered a Matcha mousse cake as well & the matcha taste just right! So overall, I did not regret choosing this cafe:D & the total only cost about 260THB including a cup of Thai ice tea we ordered.

I shall skip Terminal 21 as I did not do much over there. all I can say is, it’s a really big & pretty mall, in which every level makes you feel like walking in a different city, but I feel it’s more of a mall for me to have meals there due to the wide variety of food or just purely go there for the sake of photo taking #beentheredonethere

Time: 1739

Location: Emquartier Mall (Nearest BTS station: Phrom Phong)20160713_181445

20160713_174525.jpgDinner was at Nara Thai @ Emquartiermall! They do have a wide variety of Thai food to choose from, so we settled for 4 dishes to share. Their restaurant looks really pretty too!

20160713_174637.jpg20160713_175026The total bill only amounted to 1135THB, which I find it pretty reasonable, as the food tasted good to, very flavourful!


One of the reason why I wanted to visit the mall was because of this: BAKE cheese tart! This tarts are pretty new in SG & you have to queue for about an hour to get your hands on it! #socrazy Then I found out they have branches in Bangkok, & I didn’t even have to queue to get it! #hurray 20160713_202833A box of 6 cost THB450, which is about a few dollars cheaper than in SG, but best is NO QUEUE! I shall try it tomorrow morning & let you guys know the taste yeah:)

Anyway, BAKE cheese tart is located @ the Waterfall quarter of Emquartier mall, ground floor where the Gourmet market is!


A good day means you end it with a dessert (MY definition), so I tried the ice cream from Emack & Bolios, 7F of Helix quarter @ Emquartier, oh yes it’s just next to Nara Thai where we had dinner!

Quite a variety of ice creams to choose from, which reminds me now that I’ve forgotten to take photos of their menu:O So you guys come & see for yourself next time yeah haha. But don’t worry, I ordered Cosmic crunch & cake batter & it was good! Except that the Oreo cone was kinda difficult to bite through so we didn’t finish the cone:(


Current time: 2310

Location: My comfy bed

That’s about it for my day 1 in Bangkok! I managed to do everything that I planned for the day!  #clapclap

Let’s rest well & get ready for day 2 tomorrow! Good night all:D



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