Travel ‘Live’ Day 2

Current time: 0619

Location: OTW to Ayutthaya!20160713_202907Good Morning! Today is an early day for me too, cause it’s to Ayutthaya today! & I said I will try the cheese tart & let you guys know the taste!2016-07-14-06-14-46I tried the tart in the cold way, so as you see the cheese will be fluffy & soft, & tart is not at all soggy after a night! No gelate taste, it tasted good BUT I won’t queue an hour in SG for it:p

OTW to Ayutthaya now! Gonna nap a bit. Zzz. See you guys later!:)

Time: 0947

Location: Ayutthaya

Finally we arrived at the city after so many hours, partly because we had to pick up other people from different hotel (problem of joining tour), & as usual BAD TRAFFIC JAM!2016-07-14-12-45-05.jpgBasically today was a historical day, full of temples & finally the King’s palace20160714_100537.jpg2016-07-14-21-30-01This was the first temple that we went, a pretty small area but good place for you to take artsy photo haha.20160714_104258.jpgNext up was the reclining Buddha, the tour guide told us an interesting Buddha fact: If you see the eyes of the Buddha statue open, it means resting/relaxing. But if the eyes are closed, it means in nirvana. Cool right, never heard about this before till today haha.

20160714_104910.jpgThe staff there were changing a new set of ‘clothes’ for the Buddha while we were there, I think it’s a pretty tiring job though, probably takes hours for them.

1468511300474The last temple before lunch. Some of the statues here were without heads or arms because people in the past sell away all these different parts.20160714_113523.jpg20160714_113547.jpgThe temples look really different from what we usually see in Singapore, full of historical meaning. But well SG is not to old anyway, can’t compare haha20160714_113909.jpgThat’s the legendary Buddha in the tree, I wonder how that happened.

20160714_120150-1.jpgBefore we go for lunch, I spotted this cart selling banana prata! I’ve been wanting to try & I think Buddha heard my prayer :p

20160714_120204.jpgGuys, really, if you are in BKK try this yeah! The prata was filled generously with banana & topped with condensed milk, very rich taste! I think maybe I was hungry too, so this comes just the right time. Suddenly this becomes the most delicious food on earth.

1468511306372.jpgAfter lunch, it was left with another temple & the King’s palace.

1468511308189.jpgI must confess that the weather was getting real hot, so I didn’t take much photos after that. #oops1468511318067.jpgThat’s part of the building still under construction, in the King’s palace.1468511323664.jpgThe time was 1600 local time when we finished the tour, & it took us another 1.5 hrs to get back to BKK. I was too tired due to the heat that I just slept all the way (That’s why I didn’t update anything for the whole day Booo)

Time: 1941

Location: Central World Bangkok2016-07-14-23-17-24Yes people, it’s AFTER YOU dessert cafe! It’s so popular now that almost all Singaporeans will visit the cafe when they are in BKK, this is just one of their branch!

2016-07-14-23-27-40We were lucky to be there abit earlier when there wasn’t a Q, because the queue started coming in after us, so we only waited for about 15mins.2016-07-14-23-20-14.jpgLeft: Earl Grey jelly squash, it tasted like winter melon tea to me though, with chewy jelly in it. But I like it:D

Right: The world’s best iced chocolate! No that’s not what I think about the drink, it’s exactly what they named the drink on the menu haha. But to me, I feel that besides Starbucks, this is the next iced chocolate that I think is good!(So many chocolate milk out there calling themselves iced chocolate haha)2016-07-14-23-21-52.jpgMatcha mille crepe yet again! It doesn’t taste too sweet, with rich matcha taste:)

2016-07-14-23-18-55.jpgFinally here comes the legendary Shibuya honey toast! What can I say, it still taste as good as when I first tried it:DΒ 2016-07-14-23-23-26.jpgThe crispy outer crust/soft bread inside filled with honey taste is just TASTY! I really don’t mind just having the toast alone w/o the ice cream. Yup, really that good!

2016-07-14-23-25-23.jpgThe cafe is located on the 7F of Central world mall, where the whole 7F will give you a headache due to the wide selection of restaurants (BAKE cheese tart is just in front of the cafe btw!)

2016-07-14-21-31-24The day ended with supermarket shopping @ BIG C supercentre just opposite Central World, cheap groceries & dry stores gave a happy ending for my day:D

Current time: 2349

Location: My comfy bed (yet again)

Can’t wait for tomorrow to come! I’m going to many beautiful places tomorrow! Join me tomorrow guys! For now let’s have a good sleep! (My legs are breaking)

Good night! πŸ˜€


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