Travel ‘Live’ Part 3

สวัสดี ครับ!

Current time: 0732

Location: OTW to Khao Yai

Morning guys! I’m currently on a 2hrs journey to another province in Thailand! Before I doze off again I probably just write something to show that I’m alive haha.2016-07-15-07-38-27.jpgAnyway I’m not sure if you are a fan of this instant sandwich from the BKK convenient store, I just wanted to try because I saw people asking others to buy for them from BKK.

For an instant sandwich it tasted quite OK after heating up, & it’s cheap luh, so get this if you just want a good quick bite.BeautyPlus_20160715074949_save.jpgSee you guys later! Probably gonna fall asleep soon again Zzz.

Time: 1000

Location Farm Chokchai

We finally arrived in Farm Chokchai after a 2hrs car ride! The farm works on a tour basis, so all the visitors who arrived almost the same time as us have to wait till 10am for the first tour to start!DSC02204[1].JPG

The farm is pretty big, that’s probably why guided tour is needed for all visitors, so it started off with introduction of the farm through a presentation, then off to the other parts of the farm to view their breeds & production of their milk products!DSC02207[1]

& yes! They have their own breed of cow call the ‘Super gene’! The video they showed introduced how ‘Super gene’ is created (Sounds like some sci-fi movie uh), & my face was like :O when I saw the female gave birth to the baby! Haha okie this is random.DSC02210[1].JPG

It just so happen they are all facing me their back haha.DSC02213[1].JPG


& then it was a presentation of how they produce their UMM MILK products, like fresh milk, ice cream etc! A FREE ice cream sample was given to all the visitors! (But just a small little cube :P)DSC02217[1].JPG

We travelled on this for the rest of our tour! The farm is too huge for visitors to walk (including the fields & all), so this helps to ‘teleport’ us to the different parts of the farm! Well, to describe how huge the farm is, by foot you probably need at least 2 hours to finish walking, imagine that! I thought the owner is pretty rich though hahaDSC02221[1].JPGDSC02222.JPG

It feels like the Zoo tour where you go around in the tram, & get off at some points! Good for the really warm weather!DSC02226DSC02233

Our last part of the tour was to the cowboy show, but before that we could walk around the area to get some drinks/ice cream or souvenirs!DSC02245.JPGAll visitors were given a discount voucher to get 2 scoops of ice cream @ only 59THB! We had the fresh milk & cookies n Cream flavor, tasted good:D

DSC02270.JPGThe cowboy show was about 20mins I think, but the ‘cowboys’ did well performing their stunts, like a real cowboy!:)DSC02275.JPG

The tour ended at the souvenir shops at the entrance where we came from.DSC02280.JPGProducts ranging from soft toys to bathroom needs to food! (Even cowboy stuff haha)DSC02279.JPG

DSC02281.JPGWe bought their fresh milk! Expiry date is only 1 week though, so don’t buy too much if you are planning to!

We booked a private transport to the farm as there’s no other ways to travel there, & if you are going in a bigger group, it’s pretty cost saving:)

Time: 1230

Location: Palio Village

Next destination after the farm was Palio village! It’s basically a Tuscan themed shopping village (similar to Santorini Park in Hua Hin if you’ve been there!) No entrance fee needed to enter 🙂

Lunch was @ MK restaurant in the village, they have pretty good roast meat, tried it once in Phuket last time, it was good!DSC02283.JPGThey have the regular & big size to choose from, we got the regular one to share, then realized it wasn’t enough (because it was tasty:D)DSC02282.JPGI’m more of a noodle person than a rice person, so wherever I go, noodles just seems more attractive to me haha. I had their green noodles with steamed chicken leg, a small bowl of chicken stock/oil will be given to put over the noodle, so the noodle did not taste dry & it was flavorful!

DSC02285.JPGI JUST (like yesterday) realized there’s a MK restaurant in SG too! Of course the price is much more expensive, but do try it if you want to try MK restaurant but not travelling! (They are well known for thai steamboat too)

DSC02287.JPGAfter lunch, we just roam around the village to take pictures & to see what we can get!



DSC02317.JPGI must say, the village is a pretty place for photo taking, for couples to chill/have afternoon tea or whatever, but for us not so much of things to buy (except maybe some souvenirs). So we actually cleared the place pretty fast haha.



Oh I must mentioned this drink that I got from a random store in the village, the menu calls it Pink milk, so I asked the owner what’s that & basically she said it’s thai style strawberry mixture with milk (Not sure what’s the definition of her thai style hahah), but I like the drink! I had the ice blended version for THB60, huge cup, sweet & milky but not gelate!DSC02321

Time: 1500

Location: The Bloom

We thought we still had some time before our dinner reservation, so we managed to visit The Bloom as well! It’s a huge garden, with different types of flowers, & deeper inside there are villas for visitors to stay in! Once you get the ticket, there will be staff to drive you for a round in the whole of the bloom (because it’s too far to walk), then back to the front area where you can take as many photos as you wish.DSC02322.JPG


Basically this is another place for photos, photos & more photos!MAKEUP_20160716101526_save.jpg



I really like this huge carriage, white make it look so pretty! 😀DSC02373.JPG

DSC02376.JPGIt was scorching hot that day, but because of that, it turns out to be a good day for photo taking too (natural sunlight yo) haha #tryingtobepostitive.

& we were off to our last destination of the day, for dinner too!

Time: 1830

Location: Chocolate ville

It took us almost 3 hours to travel back from the bloom to Chocolate ville, partly due to the bad traffic, late for our dinner reservation BUT still managed to get good spacious seats! (Because the place can hold up till 700+ customers, wow right)DSC02388.JPG

Just some short introduction, Chocolate ville is actually a dining restaurant, but the whole restaurant is like a park, European style, basically a themed restaurant park!DSC02390.JPGPictures before the sun sets, I was planning to reach here earlier so I can take more photos before with the sunlight, but unfortunately there was a bad traffic jam, so it was turning dark when I reached :(.


We still managed to get a table by the ‘river’ although we were late, not bad 😀DSC02395.JPG


The menu is thick, with a wide selection of food to choose from! We took quite a while to decided on a few dishes for sharing haha.DSC02401.JPGMy favorite! It’s stir fry vermicelli with shrimps & vegetable, although I don’t fancy the vegetable because it’s too much? For a small plate like this haha. The vermicelli just tasted different from our fried bee hoon, and not too dry also. Oh yes, I had like 5 shrimps alone in this plate, till I told the rest I’m not gonna have shrimps for a few days after that night haha.

DSC02402.JPGAlright, this dish is special yet familiar, from the menu it doesn’t look like this, it looks more like a plate of vegetables, but when it came it looks like this that we had to double confirm with the staff if it was correct haha. It’s special because we were a bit surprised probably haha, and it’s familiar because it tasted similar to fried carrot cake in SG! You know those that comes in one whole piece, not those black white carrot cake. (Singaporeans you should know hehe).

DSC02403.JPGI was really craving for fried chicken that few days, so I die die want to order a plate, here we are, buffalo wings! Nope, they are not spicy at all 😛

Okie, this photo did not do justice to my fish here, it’s actually quite a huge meaty piece of fish! Value for money!DSC02404

Last but not least, how can we not have Tom Yam Kung! Never get tired of this dish. 😀DSC02400

Dinner overall tasted great! They do have western selections too, so you won’t get sick of having Thai or Asian food haha. So it’s not just a pretty place for photo taking, but serve pretty good food too 🙂 Of course after dinner, time to walk around for some photos before we go off!DSC02410.JPG



I love this little building, the color is so pretty!DSC02429.JPG


DSC02433The return trip was like thrice faster because there wasn’t much traffic jam, iish.

DSC02347That’s my 3rd day in Thailand! It was a well spent day exploring all the new places I’ve not been to! That’s what I like about travelling, every trip is always a new experience:) & BKK is not just about shopping yo, there are still many things to do if you take some time to plan & travel out!

Thanks for reading people! :):)



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