Helsinki – Bustling yet peaceful city

I know, I have not been updating for a few weeks, because I have no idea why I have so many things to do. #%@^#&$%&$

Alright, that’s just me complaining, I should be doing my assignments due next week RAWR, but I should do a post before I turn on my study (stress) mode again.

I have many things I want to share with you guys, but I saw my photos in Helsinki and thought how come I haven’t share with you guys about this beautiful city? There’s quite a lot of things to share actually, so I chose 2 places for now to do a short sharing!DSC01121Uspenski Cathedral: Admission to the cathedral is FOC. Getting to the cathedral is actually quite simple for us, we stayed at the hotel opposite the Central station, and you actually can see the cathedral from afar, so just walk in the direction and you will reach the destination. In fact, many of the tourist’s attractions are all walkable! No joke, we actually just walk most of the time to all the different attractions. (Good way to burn calories)

DSC01118Honestly, I do like the churches/cathedrals in European countries, because the interior designs are so BEAUTIFUL & TRADITIONAL, you easily get into the ‘praying’ mode once you sit in the cathedral, really.


Next, you probably will see this as one of the recommended attractions when you Google, and it looks amazingly beautiful from the photos on Google.DSC00980

Yes this is Temppeliaukio church, also known as the Rock church, opened in 1969, and as the name suggested it is built directly into solid rocks. DSC00987

It’s amazing how it looks really wide and spacious in photos, but in fact it’s very cozy when you are there, not as wide as you see here, but yes it looks as beautiful as in the photos!DSC00983

Shall we talk about food also~ Some sweet treats from EKBERG perhaps? This is actually one of the bakery recommended by locals, a more than decade old bakery, still standing strong!DSC01274

When you step in, besides their famous pastries, you will see different types of sweets, including candies, chocolates, cookies even tea/coffee as well. Basically whatever you want for a perfect afternoon tea they probably have it. DSC01263


Did I ever mention before, I’m a fan for pastries/bread etc. So this is really the right place for me, after I got really tired of walking around that day haha. I almost wanted to buy the whole bakery home, but yeah the angel in me told me that I must be crazy if I do that haha.DSC01266


One of the pastries recommended was this one call Napoleon, made up of multi layers of crust, with cream fillings between each layer, not gelate as it doesn’t taste too sweet as well!DSC01268

DSC01329Visit their website for more information if you are interested! Don’t think so much about calories and just try yeah, I believe the walk that you are gonna do while travelling will be helpful to help you shed calories yeah haha.

Okie I think I’m saying this randomly because so many people around me are so concerned about CALORIES recently, thinking that you lose weight if you eat lesser calories, but well it really depends on individual (alot of times it’s just temporary weight loss) and I believe exercising is more helpful, & you can enjoy the food that you like at the same time right?! So my belief now is ‘EAT WHAT YOU WANT, JUST REMEMBER TO EXERCISE’

Right, I am sooooo out of point now, I should just be talking about travel right~ Bleh I guess it’s just my anxiety kicking in thinking about finishing up an assignment in 1 week.DSC01077.JPGThis is more of like a ‘de-stress’ post actually, well I think blogging helps for me 😛 & yes, you can tell from this photo I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to my next trip now, in 2 weeks time! :O (Time is passing damn fast seriously?!)

Let’s do a live blogging for my next trip too:D Cause it’s gonna be exciting. CAN’T WAIT 😀

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1 Response to Helsinki – Bustling yet peaceful city

  1. Suvi says:

    Seems like you had great fun in Helsinki! I love Ekberg, takes you back in time 😊


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