Bday Trip Day 1

Current Time: 0646

Location: On the aircraft!

Good morning people! Currently awaiting for the flight to depart! Start of my bday trip 😀 20160904_064421See you guys in Bali later! Wee~

Current time: 2345

Location: Conrad Bali

Finally I found WiFi, been out for the whole day, and the first thing I wanna do is SHOWER! DSC00010.JPGToday is animal’s day! We can’t check in yet when we arrived at the hotel so we went straight to the Safari after we dropped our luggage.

It costs about IDR300,000 (Inclusive of 20% surcharge by dropping us out of town) to travel from our hotel to the Safari. Take metered taxi people, even if the staff tell you it’s gonna be more expensive  (cause it’s Bullsh*t), cause it will likely still be much cheaper.DSC00090

DSC00097I kinda like safaris, because you get to see the animals much closer compared to walking around the enclosures in the Zoo.DSC00106& later on in the evening we went for the night safari, kind of like an arranged tour for the visitors, they split you into groups & then go through the safari which include dinner!



DSC00244Fire show to end the night!

DSC00186This is just a short summary of the day’s event, I will do a more detailed post on the Safari soon (hopefully) when I’m back yeah!:D

Driver’s gonna pick us up at 2 am for trekking! I think i’m excited, but I’m tired #irony

Will check in for day 2 later!:D

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