Bday Trip Day 2: Mount Batur Trekking

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Hello people! Today was a workout day for me, I finally went for my 1st mountain trekking! Clap clap

It was trekking at Mount Batur/Kintamani today,one of the popular trekking mountain for tourists.DSC00368Apparently this mountain seems to be the easier mountain to do trekking, based on what my trekking guide said, so it became popular for tourists.

We set off at 2 am, yup I really didn’t sleep at allsob and went for trekking. It took us 2hrs to travel from the hotel the trekking site by car!

DSC00298I was surprised by the number of tourists there waiting to do the trekking, really alot! We started at 0430 shortly after arrival.

DSC00304I didn’t manage to take much photos while going up, partly cause it was super dark (only with flashlight), and I was busy concentrating on trying not to fall haha, the road is really rocky and steep!

So this is the only photo I have in the dark, can you see, sky is full of stars!! Beautiful max! & the long stretch of lights are from all the trekkers flashlight. I saw the scene & was thinking ‘Oh God, Β when will I ever reach the top’ haha.

2016-09-05-23-13-07.jpgHalfway till the end of the ascent journey! Which meant sunrise was coming!2016-09-05-23-02-44.jpg

2016-09-05-22-50-05Halfway through the scenery is so beautiful already right! Initially when we arrived at the first stopping point to view the sunrise, our guide asked if we want to continue to the summit, I was so tired I almost wanted to give up, but I think the Energizer rabbit (Never say die) inside me pushed me to continue on, so I did!

2016-09-05-23-06-03.jpgDrum roll Finally we reached the summit afree 2hrs of trekking up! 2hrs sounds short, but difficult enough for newbies like me, given that the road up was combination of sandy, slippery, rocky!2016-09-05-22-58-59.jpg

2016-09-05-22-55-42.jpgI’m so glad that I did not give up till the end really, the view up there and the cool air feels really great.



Had breakfast Β (actually just boiled eggs & bread) while enjoying the sun rise and cool breeze is a really different experience. I love how my travel always allow me to experience new things! I’m gonna take good care of my health, live longer so I can continue to travel till I’m really old hahah.2016-09-05-14-33-17

The photos look not bad yeah, but you have no idea how many times I was thinking to myself ‘Oh man, I need to climb down for another 2 hours later on’ hahah.DSC00380.JPGAfter an hour descent, I look back and realised I have really climbed very far up haha. The scenery is still beautiful even looking back from the ground yeah?

We ended the whole trekking finally at about 9am? I was so happy that I did it, something off my bucket list & I definitely wouldn’t mind trekking again!

On the way back, we visited the coffee plantation! I shall blog about the interesting place soon!

2016-09-05-14-16-55.jpgLife is so beautiful, you just have to learn how to enjoy it πŸ™‚



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