Oven & Fried chicken-Korean fried chicken

Hey KFC fans! Not the KFC, but Korean fried chicken!DSC00012.JPGOFC to get KFC yo! Yup Oven & fried chicken@Bukit Timah! Directions will be at the end of the post.

dsc02958The restaurant is not big, but it gave a cozy feel, just like those fried chicken outlet you see in Korea, let you feel like being at home, enjoy your fried chicken with beer, gossip with your friends haha.



Menu menu~dsc02955OFC serves you the Korean style chicken dishes from roasted to baked to fried chicken.


& also side dishes for the big eaters like me!dsc02957

Having meals with indecisive people like us can be irritating (I know), so after a while we finally decided on these:

1)Sauced Original – Boneless Half ($22)PicsArt_09-29-11.11.27.jpgI love spicy food, so this is definitely in my ‘To eat list’. You can choose between Mild/Spicy flavor based on the menu, of course I chose Spicy! Depending on how tolerant you are towards spicy food, but to me it tasted just nice (at least it doesn’t taste like sweet sauce like other places when it’s supposed to be spicy sauce haha, there’s spiciness here. :D)


2) Fried Boneless Thighs – Half ($20)PicsArt_09-29-11.17.13.jpgI actually heard that the Fried Original is the ‘Must eat’ dish, but I was just lazy to remove the bones, so yeah boneless dishes are good for lazy people like me heh.


PicsArt_09-29-11.14.37.jpgFor the dish, you can choose over 6 different dipping, and it was honey mustard for us!

This is definitely a hit for you guys who don’t take spicy food!

PicsArt_09-29-11.07.45.jpgLook guys, I dont think I need to say further, the yummylicious part about their chicken is the tender meat & no frozen food taste! For me, I still prefer the spicy chicken, not so dry due to the spicy sauce that’s already on top of the chicken!

3) Seafood & Green Onion Pancake $25dsc02967Yup I’m a ‘flour person’ too, love pastries, cakes, pancakes or whatever it is. This can serve up to 4 person I feel, okie maybe 4 GIRLS to be precise (Assuming that you girls are not big-eater like me though haha.)

dsc02972Yay to green onions! (I love green onions :D) A nice pancake to me is crispy and thin on the outside yet soft with lots of fillings in it. This pancakes’ got it.

picsart_09-29-11-16-12Dipping sauce comes together with the pancake, to give it a more flavorful taste, but I think having the pancake by itself is good too!

picsart_09-29-11-19-16Yup this means water is free flow! (self service) 😀

dsc00040I quite like the decorations in the restaurant, so artsy haha.

picsart_09-29-11-04-26Yes we finished all the food in the end! Except for a little bit of pancake left. So this means that you guys should come and try too. Korean Fried chicken might be abit pricy, but I think it’s fine if you are sharing with a few. & although it’s at Bukit Timah which sounds ulu, it’s soooo convenient from the MRT station.

Directions as below:dsc00008

Oven & Fried Chicken (OFC Bukit Timah)

16 Chun Tin Road Singapore 599603

Direction: Alight @ Beauty World MRT station (DTL), exit from Exit B. You will be able to see OFC just opposite the station on your left. 1 min walk from Exit B


Website: ofcsingapore.com.sg


Sunday to Thursday & Public Holidays

  • Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm
  • Dinner: 5.30pm – 12.00am

Friday & Saturday

  • Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm
  • Dinner: 5.30pm – 1.00am

PS: Takeaways are available too.

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