Just~ a random post

Right, this is not a post to review anything today, no travel post. Just feel like sharing some photos from today’s photoshoot which I really ❤❤

beautyplus_20161006220142_saveHave been wanting to do this style of photoshoot, finally the chance!

dsc00138I don’t think I ever have Black & white photos in my portfolio, never knew effect can turn out so good 💓

img_20161006_225436Love my hair all of a sudden, but can my hair grow faster? Haha😂😂

makeup_20161006221147_saveThe photos at the very beginning (none of the photo’s here though haha) were not very good, but luckily things turned out well after that!

beautyplus_20161006191104_saveI especially like this photo, once in a while I can look so feminine uh hahaha.

beautyplus_20161006190523_save Really gonna give credit to my photographer, & I think he’s really talented. Thank you🤗🤗

Which one do you guys prefer then?😁 I love all, just have to do this post just to share #dontjudgeme haha.

Till the next post!🤗🤗

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Part Time Traveler, always on the go!
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