The Malayan Council – Talk Makan Chill

Good news for cafe lovers, especially the Muslim! Let me introduce you to:

dsc00167Situated near the Rochor MRT station, TMC is a good chill out spot for many youngsters, basically TALK, MAKAN & CHILL!

dsc00168There are 2 levels in the cafe, so you get to choose to sit around the ground level, OR…

DSC00204.JPGclimb the STAIRS to the 2nd level. Do be careful while climbing the stairs though, it’s pretty steep!

DSC00173.JPGSo this gives us a good enough reason to order as much as we want hehe


DSC00189.JPGThe 2nd level is definitely a quieter area & feels very much like home with the dim lighting and homely decorations.

DSC00185.JPGIt’s always good to cafe hop with a few friends, so you get to order more variety of food hehe. & look what we had:

Truffle fries – $12.002016-10-29-13-33-46Shoestring fries with grated parmesan & parsley tossed in truffle oil. The all-time favourite for me, if you see truffle fries on the menu for any restaurants/cafes, you know it will end up on my table haha.

2016-10-29-12-23-23Crispy on the outside, fluffy inside, with the adequate truffle fragrant, what more can you ask for.

Salted egg softshell crab & Mudcrab linguine – $28.002016-10-29-13-46-27Linguine tossed with fresh crab, softshell crab and cherry tomatoes, served with salted egg sauce. Yes salted egg sauce it is, how will any dish go wrong with salted egg taste yeah? Don’t need to worry about peeling the shells etc, just gobble up the whole dish!

Malayan wings – $13.00 2016-10-29-13-54-37Tender juicy wings marinated with kicap cili padi, well marinated & no frozen food taste, a good starter to kick start your appetite. Good for sharing for 2-3.

Lemon Lime/Sultan Cola & Creamy Soda – $6.00 eachDSC00179.JPGWell, drinks in glass bottle always attract me, it just feels so nostalgic (somehow) haha. Anyway, Sultan Cola taste exactly like the normal Cola, although the can looks better than our usual Cola can haha. Besides fizzy drinks, coffee, tea and coolers are available as well!

2016-10-29-12-26-19& dinner’s served!

Classic Ondeh-Ondeh cake – $8.00/slice2016-10-29-12-20-53Gosh, this is real good stuff! Moist pandan cake base, layered with gula melaka bits & coconut drizzle, frosted with coconut Chantilly cream, paired up with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, the taste is indescribable :O

2016-10-29-14-03-29I realized this is what we call 幸福的味道, totally sedap!

The Ultimate Lopez – $9.50/slice2016-10-29-13-51-55Vanilla cake based, layered with coconut mousse and gula melaka bits, glazed with gula melaka syrup, & of course finish it with another scoop of vanilla ice cream, this is another plate of goodness.

2016-10-29-13-50-08This is the twin of the Ondeh-ondeh cake, definitely delicious, but I would prefer the Ondeh-ondeh cake as it was more fragrant. Takeaway is possible for these cakes, but you will have to give the ice cream a miss if you do takeaway.


The Malayan Council
22 Dunlop St
Singapore 209350

Direction: Exit B of Rochor MRT station (Downtown Line), turn right and cross the road at the first junction, you will see the cafe on the right along with the row of shop houses. 5 mins walk from the MRT station.

Opening Hours
Mon to Sat: 1130am to 11pm
Sun: 1130am to 10pm

Website : Facebook


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