For the Korean food lovers – GORO GORO!

Annyeong again Korean food fan! I bet alot of you probably tried this before, I actually chanced upon Goro Goro on FB & just decided to drop by (Just can’t resist Korean food)..

Pretty cute right 😀DSC00072

As you can see, it was quite crowded when we were there (around 7+pm), so do make a reservation just in case, or especially if you have a big group!.

We didn’t try the steamboat (almost did), but these are what’s available if you do go for it. These are the selections for soup base, you get to choose 2 for 1 steamboat! (Collagen must be top pick for the ladies heh)


There’s quite a selection of ingredients for the steamboat, guarantee to feed you well!.

I’m not a fan of Yong Tau Foo, but these ingredients does look appetizing (& healthier) for steamboat haha..

I actually give a thumbs up for the way the organize their food, pretty neat and not like some places where it looks messy and dirty & you just don’t feel like eating after that haha..

Free flow drinks for the buffet!DSC00029

Condiments available according to your liking!.

I was actually there for their army stew, but then when I saw the next table having yummy looking side dishes, I psycho-ed my friends to add on $5 to enjoy the cooked food MUAHAHA.

So, if you are not doing buffet, yet you are tempted to have the cooked food like fried chicken, glass noodle, korean pancakes etc, just add on $5 & you get them free flow!.

The whole stretch of cooked food are available for you to grab! So I thought $5 is quite a decent amount to top up..

You know, their fried chicken tasted quite good really, so you actually have to be fast in action there, if not….

You will be only left with this if you are slow (this is only minutes after they refilled the chicken okie). Apparently this shows that everyone agree that the fried chicken is good. .


Drinkers out there, you know what you should do yeah haha.


Here comes my long-awaited army stew, they have 2 choices, one is the seafood, the other one with lobster, $10 difference for the lobster 🙂

I have not tried army stew with lobster, so we decided to go with that!


Seafood, luncheon meat, mushrooms, vegetables, & the most important instant noodle all in the stew 😀.


Anyway, the soup is refillable, so just ask for refill when needed 🙂DSC00053

I was surprised when the bill came, there were 4 of us & we only need to pay about $17 each, including the $5 top up already. Good deal right!


GORO GORO Steamboat & Korean Buffet

 Orchard Gateway@Emerald, 218 Orchard Road, #04-01, 238851

 : +65-6385-7854
(Customers can make reservations through this number or by private messaging them on Facebook directly!)

Opening hours:
Weekdays Lunch: 11.30am-3pm.
Weekdays Dinner: 5pm-1030pm.
Weekends/PH Lunch: 11.30am-3.30pm.
Weekends/PH Dinner: 5pm-10.30pm.

The buffet counter closes 30 minutes before the closing time so be sure to reach early but once you’re there you’re good to eat till the official closing time!

*Just in case some of you might not know (like me) that there’s Orchard Gateway@Emerald, please watch out for signs that lead you to Orchard Gateway@Emerald, it’s inside the mall itself still though. (Took me awhile to find the place, blame myself for being sua gu. haha)


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