Hong Kong/Macao snacks? Yes please!

Hello guys, it’s been awhile! I just return from Hong Kong/Macao few days back!

Anyway, usually I don’t buy much stuff when I’m in Hong Kong, so this time round, I decided to just explore around the stores & see what’s interesting. & I found a few that’s worth buying if you really need to get some snacks back home for the family/friends!

The products recommended are in random order!

1) COLLON – Egg tart flavored

I believe this is a familiar brand to many of you, but apparently this egg tart flavored biscuits are only available in Hong Kong, I saw mango flavored ones as well though, but am not a Mango fan, so I just bought the egg tart one to try!

DSC04406Honestly, I really like the way the packaging looks, so cute! So there’s 12 mini boxes in the big box, which makes it really convenient to give to your friends/colleagues (when you have no time and need to get some cheapo snacks to give haha). Well, at least I will be happy to receive this from my friends/colleagues, at least it’s pleasing to the eyes right!

But to be fair, taste wise I can’t really taste the supposedly egg tart flavor, it tasted like the usual Collon bisucits 😛

2) Lord Stow’s Egg tart

I must say, this is one of those egg tarts that I’ll queue for to buy. You probably won’t see this in Hong Kong, unless you go to the EXpresso Cafe @ The Excelsior hotel Hong Kong (Causeway Bay).

Lord Stow’s Bakery was established in Macau since 1989, famous for these egg tarts. The outer layer is thin flaky and crispy, while the filling taste milky and thick. Don’t worry about not able to finish all if you buy a whole box, I tried keeping for 2 days & it still tasted pretty good after reheating! 😀

Besides the original shop @ Coloane village Macao, you can find the cafe & takeaway store in the Venetian Macao as well! Queue moves pretty fast, so no worries about queuing.

3) Koi Kei’s (钜记)peanut candy + Phoenix Egg roll

Guys, seriously please get this when you go to Macao/Hong Kong!

I totally fell in love with their peanut candy after I tried it! No joke, it’s super crunchy, and you can already smell the sweetness when you open the box, not to mention the delicious taste after eating. I regretted a bit for only getting 1 box though haha.DSC04413

I bought this phoenix egg roll with seaweed & pork floss as well, very crispy & you should get this is you are more of a savoury snack person. The seaweed and pork floss matches really well, and one piece is not enough after you start eating (Like the peanut candy OMG).DSC04414

Anyway, peanut candy is Koi Kei’s specialty, so you should get it yeah! Trust me, it’s good.DSC04417

Koi Kei also originated from Macao, so you can find the stores almost ANYWHERE in Macao, especially if you visit Senado Square, you can find the stores after every few steps.

& if you do watch the HK drama (巨轮), you should be familiar with their store,because the stores were used for the drama filming!

Koi Kei also have other products like almond cookies, Portuguese butter cookies, dried-meat products, egg rolls etc for your selection!DSC04362

& there’s a difference between the KOI KEI’s store & KOI KEI’s BAKERY: The bakery sells Portuguese egg tarts! & taste is definitely on par with Lord Stow’s 😛

As far as I know, there’s no KOI KEI’s bakery in Hong Kong, so if you want the egg tarts do get them in Macao!DSC04368As the store is originated in Macao, you won’t see many outlets in Hong Kong, but you still can find the outlet at Causeway Bay & the airport!

4) Hang Heung (恒香) wife biscuits (老婆饼)DSC04409

I guess wife biscuits (老婆饼) are not something new to get in Hong Kong, but personally I recommend Hang Heung (恒香). The white lotus filling does not taste too sweet, & taste the best when it’s warm!

DSC04411Hang Heung have other traditional pastries as well, so definitely suits the taste of your parents, elderly family members!

BeautyPlus_20170101031142_saveLet’s end the post with a smile! Yeah as you can see there’s always food in my photos recently haha. Anyway I just feel like including myself in this post this time, so pardon me this round.:P

Anyway, all above mentioned are based on my own preferences, if you guys have any other recommendations please let me know!! Good things must share yeah! 😀

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