Day Trip to Macao

Yes, I’ve been to Hong Kong for work/leisure, but this is the first time I step in Macao! Here’s what we did for a whole day in Macao!

Our ferry to Macao was before noon, and it took only an hour to reach Macao.

Oh yes, after you clear the immigration, remember to get seat number for yourself and your fellow travelers before boarding the ferry, if not they will ask you to get the seat numbers again and you might not be able to sit with your fellow travelers. 1484227622453

My impression of Macao initially was only Casinos casinos & more casinos, because of what people around me always say. When I mentioned I was going to Macao, there will be questions like ‘You going to the casinos ah?’, & I guess that’s what movies always portray to viewers as well haha.

We reached Macao just around noon. As usual, being such a last minute planner, what we do is just grab a map at the information counter, then find our way out to the different places haha.

& actually we realized getting around Macao is pretty easy. There are quite a number of free shuttle buses to the different hotels/casinos when you exit from the ferry terminal (follow the road signs and you will get to this small terminal where all the shuttle buses are waiting). Sorry I forgot to take photos of the buses, too busy finding our way around haha.

We decided to start off by visiting the Venetian, which is one of the luxury hotel and casino resort (Nope we did not stay there), but because I wanna go there to get the Lord Stow’s egg tart hahaha. (Yeah, just for food). We actually took a bus to the Galaxy Macao (another hotel & casino resort) & walk to the Venetian from there.

Just some additional info, all the hotels/casinos resort are conveniently located in COTAI, so Galaxy Macao, The Venetian, City of Dreams, Sands Cotai Central, Four Seasons are all there. I’m sure you can shop/gamble (not encouraging) till you drop if you visit each and every one of those resorts, and probably an overnight stay at least will be good.

DSC04301Do you know, The Venetian Macao is the largest casino in the world! & it’s a really pretty place, you see tourists taking photos everywhere. Have yet to visit Venice? Then maybe you can visit here first haha, get a ‘feel’ of the Gondolas and stuff.

DSC04300Yes this cute Gondola guy threw me a ‘flying heart’ across the ‘river’ after this photo, so cute! haha.

DSC04296Had lunch at this random restaurant which serves quite a variety of food (because I was just really hungry), I finally got to eat my polo bun, 太感动了. & from a random restaurant, I think it tasted quite good.

DSC04408Yes after lunch I managed to find my egg tarts (blogged in previous post), Lord Stow do have a cafe (few seating) and a takeaway store right next to the cafe, but we didn’t want to Q for the cafe, so we went for takeaways.

1484227586491See the pop out store behind that guy in the photo? Yeah that’s the takeaway store for Lord Stow haha, and the cafe is around that bridge area. Sorry my bad I forgot to take photos of the stores again, so make do with it hehe.

DSC04332I find all these casinos resorts very interesting, you can even see Eiffel tower here. Anyway this is part of the Parisian Macao Hotel, which is also Macao’s Eiffel tower hotel. It’s actually walk able through the Venetian. From Venice to Paris in 5 mins pretty cool yeah haha. I googled that it’s beautiful at night due to the lights, but we didn’t have time to stay there, so yeah, daytime looks good too!

DSC04334I’m so proud of this photo I took, looks so Europe right haha. Anyway this Effiel tower is half-scale of the real Eiffel tower, but still looks amazing right, beautiful.

BeautyPlus_20170102205713_saveWe didn’t walk through every single resort, because they are quite similar in terms of their stores etc, anyway am not really a luxury good person, so save my time haha.

We walked over to the Taipa village from ‘Europe’ after that (Those Eiffel tower and stuff you know haha), about 20 mins since we took our own sweet time. Walk straight all the way and you will see 氹仔 across the road. I’m so surprised by how near the village is, I was still worried about how to get to the village only until I saw it across the street haha. So in other words, COTAI and TAIPA are walk able and linked.2017-01-18_12-05-00Anyway in case you were wondering like how I was, 氹仔 is dàngzǎi in putonghua pronunciation, and Taipa is actually a Portuguese + English name.

I love this village, probably due to the history of Portuguese occupation, the buildings are a mix of Chinese + Portuguese style, very quiet place as well (until you walk to the touristy part haha).DSC04359


The touristy area will be a short street of food, food and food heh, & where KOI KEI (where I bought the peanut candies from) is!



Heard that KOI KEI have pretty good egg tarts as well, so we bought one to share! I guess I do prefer Portuguese egg tarts over the traditional ones!DSC04368So by the time we finished walking around Taipa it was already roughly around 5pm? We have a ferry to catch at 9pm & we have yet to visit Macau Peninsula where Senado Square, Ruins of St. Paul’s are situated, so we hurried to take a shuttle bus from Galaxy Macao back to the ferry terminal.

Yes, so all the resort hotel have shuttle bus back to the ferry terminal, so don’t worry about finding your way back.

We took a cab instead from the ferry terminal to Senado Square afterwards instead after realizing that it takes about 30 mins (if smooth traffic) by bus to reach there, & we were thinking we might not have enough time. So yeah anyway cabs in Macao are cheaper than in HK, so no worries about the fare!

DSC04374Senado square here is unlike COTAI & TAIPA, full of people here! Oh yeah, I went a few weeks ago but Xmas decorations were still around:P

Ruins of St. Paul’s, also called 大三巴牌坊 in Chinese are one of Macau’s best known landmarks. It includes what was originally St. Paul’s College and the Church of St. Paul also known as “Mater Dei”, a 17th-century Portuguese church dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle.DSC04377So what you see is what you get, there’s really nothing behind (literally) this grand piece.

DSC04375See the number of people crowding around the area to take photos, even after sunset :O I was still having hope that there could be lesser people because it’s dark, but neh tourists don’t care I guess.

2017-01-18_01-01-03Did not have enough time to visit the museums etc, till the next time!

Later on we dropped by Yee Shun Milk company for a quick bite before heading back to catch the ferry back to HK.DSC04393Bet many of you have hear about this place, will do a short post about Yee Shun soon!

Senado square is probably a better place to shop for cheap souvenirs, food, clothes etc, probably why it’s packed with people. & this is the place where I mentioned in the previous post where every step you take you see one KOI KEI outlet haha.


Anyway guys, we decided to try taking a bus back to the ferry terminal from Senado Square after that, and it was really fast, like about 20mins? & fare is like less than a dollar SGD if I recall correctly.

The bus stop is just 2 mins walk on the right when you exit from Senado Square main entrance yeah (If you can visualize). Don’t cross the road, idk where the buses opposite will take you to haha. It’s stated on the board where the buses goes to, so do check before you board!

Have fun in Macao! 😀

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