Heritage High Tea @ The Clifford Pier (Fullerton Bay Hotel)

I admit, I’m definitely a fan of High tea, not because it looks atas, but because there are different varieties of food available for high tea, so I get to taste different things at one time, without over eating haha.

20170120_165515So just before the Chinese New Year, I visited The Clifford Pier for the legendary high tea that I’ve been wanting to try (Getting a reservation was difficult though, have to reserve a few weeks in advance:O)

20170120_165318The high tea have a combination of sweet and savory treats, which was what attracted me.

20170120_153044A pretty good selection of teas & coffee, free flow.

20170120_165656Prefer local drinks? Sure, there’s even teh tarik available.

First up was the Kong Bak Bao! OMG one of my favorite food, which made it a really nice start to the high tea. On the same plate there were the chili crab fried mantou! Double the happiness :p20170120_154257

The 3-tier high tea set was served shortly, I felt happy already looking at the different pastries 😀20170120_154403

20170120_154557The butter, kaya, chili sauce, pineapple vanilla jam were served together in a plate.

The first tier were the scones (Classic & Red date Longan). It was recommended that the Classic scones be paired with the kaya, & the red date longan with the pineapple vanilla jam.

The 2nd tier consisted of all the savory treats! 20170120_154418

One of my favorite: Chili Bak Kwa Jam on Savaory egg tart, with the sliced pork on top as you can see!20170120_161238

On the same tier we also have the Carrot cake with XO chilli and scrambled egg.20170120_161300_001

Kueh Pie Tee, so basically a lot of familiar local flavors on the plate!20170120_162130_001

Last but not least, at the bottom tier we have the sweet treats! As it was near CNY, you see alot of ‘Prosperous’ looking treats over here.20170120_154526Personally I only like the water chestnut jelly, maybe the red velvet and cheesecake on this plate. The love letter was turning soft already but the time we had it:(

So I think their savory treats are better, compared to the sweet treats, based on personal preference of course. 🙂

Afternoon Tea @ The Clifford Pier

Monday to Friday: 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Website: https://www.fullertonhotels.com/singapore/the-fullerton-bay-hotel/dine/the-clifford-pier

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