3D2N stay – Tanjung Pinang, Bintan PART1

Batam is probably a very familiar place for many Singaporeans to visit, because it’s really near, about 30mins ferry ride from Singapore. You’ve probably heard about Bintan too, but Tanjung pinang?

Tanjung Pinang is the 2nd largest city of the Indonesian province of Riau islands after Batam, & the main town of the island of Bintan. It takes about 1hr30mins (depending on weather) from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to arrive there.

2017-03-06_08-54-47Β Not my first time there, but I rarely get to do the touristy stuff there. BUT this time I managed to have the chance to see and do more things there (#bemoretourist)!

1st day! We took the Majestic Ferry to Tanjung Pinang, as usual the ferry terminal was quite busy as it was a weekend.Β 2017-03-06_08-52-42Never tried taking Majestic Ferry there before, but the first time experience was good, seats are spacious (good for tall peeps haha), and pretty clean! #iamcleanfreak

Upon arrival, I was actually quite impressed by how the ferry terminal has become, pretty clean, and now arriving and departing passengers are directed in a more orderly manner compared to the past! For security reasons, I didn’t want to take any photos inside yeah πŸ™‚

Had home cooked lunch (I forgot to take photos again sigh) before heading out to the Tanjung Pinang City Centre! Anyway, guess how much this whole basket of crabs cost? Only SGD$10 okie! Full basket of fresh crabs! :O

Anyway, TPCC is the first shopping mall in Tanjung Pinang, newly built, with upcoming movie theaters and other stores! Right now, the Hypermart and some other stores are in operations already. Not bad, finally there’s a shopping mall πŸ˜€2017-03-09_11-18-37

Yup my favorite hangout: HYPERMART! πŸ˜€2017-03-08_10-56-58


Oh yes, anyone tried Rotiboy’s bread before? I tell you, their bread is super yummy! :O They have many outlets around Indonesia, including Batam and the common tourist region! Shall write more about it next time if I see the outlet again. πŸ˜€2017-03-08_10-57-41

There are always interesting stuff in supermarkets that says ‘Take my money!’, & look what I saw there.

Recommended by my cousin to get these, she said it’s easy to make & it’s tasty πŸ˜› I gotten a few flavors to try, pandan/strawberry/chocolate etc. If I succeed I let you guys know yeah haha. SGD$1 per pack, good deal!2017-03-08_11-00-00

I didn’t know that Hello Kitty is quite popular over here, like so many sanitary pads with HK design :O Yeah, I go Indonesia & stock up all these (Don’t judge, it’s monthly necessities okie!)Β SGD$1-2 per pack only, why not right~2017-03-08_11-02-08


Even diapers for the kids are in HK design :O About SGD$11 per pack I guess it’s not expensive right?2017-03-08_11-02-43

As usual, ice cream & snacks are good deals over there too πŸ˜›2017-03-08_11-01-07

That’s about SGD$3.40? Per box πŸ™‚2017-03-08_11-01-39

SGD$1 per pack for the gummy lovers!2017-03-08_10-58-46

SGD0.20 – $1 for these! Oh I heard the Mie Goreng flavour for Chitato chips are no more? 😦2017-03-08_10-58-07

Went to the Trikora Beach after some supermarket shopping before heading to the resort!2017-03-06_08-54-17

Not many tourists there, in fact the locals are the ones who frequent the beaches often. What do you do at the beautiful beach? Take many photos! πŸ˜€


With 2 of my favorite peeps πŸ˜€2017-03-08_01-42-18

From Trikora Beach, it took us about 1hr drive to the resort: SAHID BINTAN BEACH RESORTS. Check in time starts at 3pm, we arrived just nice at 3pm.Β 2017-03-06_09-45-02


I forgot to take photos of the room again (My bad), so just some exterior for you guys to take a look!2017-03-06_09-47-40

2017-03-06_09-43-02I felt the resort have a country club feel, & it’s REALLY quiet around the area!


2017-03-08_05-49-26Β I wouldn’t say this is a fantastic resort, but it’s really based on my personal preference. But then again, given the price for 3 per night about SGD75, you can’t ask for too much I guess haha. Will talk about their breakfast in the Part 2.

2017-03-06_08-55-31Went to explore around the resort, but there’s really nothing much around the resort, except for the beach opposite the resort haha.


YAY to beautiful beaches & holidays!2017-03-08_05-08-52Bought some food for dinner on the way back to resort, they do have room service as well thank god. & then it’s chill and gossip time. πŸ˜›

2017-03-06_08-58-35PartΒ 2 in progress! Till then! Waves


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