3D2N stay – Tanjung Pinang, Bintan PART2

Hope you guys who have read my Day 1 in Tanjung Pinang found it useful or enjoyed it at least! There were too much to write in 1 post (Yeah I’m lazy haha), so here’s the last part:

Day 2 – We started off the day with complimentary breakfast from the resort! 2017-03-09_12-03-43

Well.. partly because we were abit late when we went for the breakfast, so there weren’t much food left, but TBH there were not much variety as well.


Bread & butter are still available though (never go wrong), if you don’t fancy the other dishes.2017-03-09_12-04-52

2017-03-09_12-05-17I wasn’t able to finish the breakfast also partly because I can see ants crawling around the table, and they get up to your plates really fast. So yeah I gave up after a mouthful. :O

We went to the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Vihara after checking out from the resort. It is one of the few monasteries dedicated to the Buddha Bodhisattva.2017-03-21_10-57-37

Apparently, this monastery is one of the attractions that people would visit, even the locals. Interestingly, we saw mostly the local instead who were visiting the temple for some photo taking, few tourists haha.



The temple is also famous for the 500 life size sculptures of arahats, just after you walk through this gate.2017-03-21_12-10-43

2017-03-21_12-08-52Oh yes, admission if free! Just take note that the monastery is closed on Monday. 🙂

Went for some house visiting before we finally have lunch! The restaurant was quite a longgg drive away from the town though. :O

What’s Bintan w/o Kelong & seafood right~ Btw, Kelong is a Malay word describing a form of offshore platform built predominantly with wood, which can be found in waters off Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, something like this:2017-03-21_12-11-50


I think we were all hungry that I didn’t want to disturb everyone’s makan time, so only this photo for the food we ordered oops. Oh but I tell you, these 2 dishes (Garlic fried chicken & Salted egg cuttlefish) were delicious, as well as the other dishes not in the photo. 2017-03-21_11-37-54

2017-03-21_12-13-35This kind of view for lunch everyday~ I wish~ Yeah human can only wish haha.

& for the many dishes/drinks that we ordered for the 10 of us, the total bill was only about SGD64, about $6.40 for each of us? You won’t get this price for the tze char in SG. 😛 2017-03-21_10-53-00

We went to have a impromptu visit around the Lagoi Bay Bintan after the really late lunch, the beach there is really beautiful! :O 2017-03-06_09-38-28

Woohoo my hair is getting longer I think 😀 Like finally after 1 year #randomthoughts2017-03-08_03-39-19

With the little one after one year, she’s still as sweet 🙂2017-03-09_12-02-39

After a long drive back to town again, we visited Rimba Jaya, where the area is full of hipster cafes/restaurants. We wanted to visit a Japanese restaurant there initially, but the restaurant was full and waiting time is long (There goes my ramen:()

So we visited one of the cafe (LOCO) just next to the restaurant for some desserts & food instead.2017-03-21_10-28-44

The cafe’s nicely decorated, with seats at the ground & upper level. 2017-03-21_10-29-23

Indoor seats at the upper level2017-03-21_10-29-58

Their desserts are similar to the ones you have at Blackball if you have tried before (photo was blur so nah not posting), so if you are a fan of those, you should visit here! Plus, they have main course too! We ordered the salted egg chicken to try, not bad yo 😛2017-03-21_10-32-22The cafe is open from 1700 till 2300 daily, which btw the restaurants/cafes in the area are only open in the evening. So DON’T come early!

& then it was the last activity for the day: SLEEP 😀

Day 3 – The last day in Tanjung Pinang started off with delicious home-cooked breakfast/lunch/brunch, whatever you deemed fit to describe this whole table of food haha.

Went for a ‘city tour’ literally after that, &  I managed to see the house where my mum grew up in! :O To mark an end of the wonderful 3D2N stay, we went to a local cafe that specialize in bread & toast! I will write about this soon! 2017-03-21_10-24-23

I just cannot resist bread/toast:P Fat die me.2017-03-21_11-29-13& only when reaching the ferry terminal that I realized the cafe is only a 5 minutes drive away haha.

2017-03-06_09-40-06Yeah at the back of my mind in the photo is ‘Shit I need to go back to work BOOOO~’

That’s the end of my 3D2N in Tanjung Pinang! Probably will be back again soon, update you guys with new stuff!

Till then~


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