Do YOU like what you are doing?

Recently I’ve met some of my lovely friends, so I just thought of doing this random post to share some thoughts.

2017-04-04_02-55-29Lapland, Finland

Yes, do YOU like what you are doing?

Many people go through the dilemma since young, choosing what you want to study, which school you like to what you wanna work as in future.

But it seems like in the end, many people choose what OTHERS like more than what they themselves like. A kid enters a prestigious school not because he wants to, but because his parents want him to. A teenager chose to go into Law school, not because he really wants to, but because people around him will give him all the looks of envy knowing he’s going to law school, and he feels good about that. An adult chose to be a banker because he thinks he can earn the big money from the job, money becomes his motivation.

2017-04-04_01-21-23Manarola, Italy

So are we living OUR life or are we living our life according to what OTHERS want?

I was discussing about career change with one of my besties recently over dinner, and then I realized we humans INCLUDING myself have so much concerns when making decisions in life. & it makes me wonder are we just thinking too much?

2017-04-04_03-31-04Pattaya, Thailand

Especially while making a job/career switch, we have so much concern while deciding which are the best choices to make, so that we can ‘minimize the risk’ as much as possible. We are afraid of the pay cut that might happen when we switch to a new industry, we are afraid that we might not like the new changes, we are afraid of so many POSSIBLE uncertainties that might arise if we move on to a new environment. Note that I said POSSIBLE, which means it might happen, but it might not happen as well, so why are we so worried?

2017-04-04_03-14-20Venice, Italy

I can understand that though, I do admit that I ‘think too much’ some times as well, and different individuals have burdens they need to consider while deciding whether or not to make the changes.

But at the end of the day, human always wish to be happy everyday right? Well at least this is one of the wish that we make every year during New year and birthday haha. Honestly, this is one of the easiest wish that is possible to come true, and we ourselves are the one that can make this wish come true. BUT, it’s pretty difficult to achieve because humans think too much and make themselves unhappy.

2017-04-04_01-20-23Mount Batur, Bali Indonesia

What if… we just throw away all the concerns and just bravely take a step forward and see what awaits us? Things might not turn out the way we want them to be, but so what? If the outcome is good, be grateful and move forward, if the outcome is bad, just accept, learn and restart.

Whether is it in school, in career, in life~

Ultimately, we only owe ourselves an explanation, to whatever we do in life. Of course, I’m not giving you guys excuses to be an a**hole and ditch whatever responsibilities you have, just so to make yourself happy, but I’m encouraging us to be more daring in life, do something that makes you feel really happy doing what you are doing. Stop thinking about what others might think of you if you make the changes, ignore all the judgement, because people out there don’t know what you want in your life, only you know it yourself!

2017-04-04_02-41-51Taichung, Taiwan

Accept where your journey might lead you to, even if it’s the end of a cliff, it doesn’t mean you cannot make a way out of it. Build your own bridge, walk to the other side of the world.

Go the way that makes YOUR life happy and meaningful, even if it means a tougher way. 🙂


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