Hey you bread & toast lovers!

This should be a continuation of my Tanjung Pinang trip, I mentioned in Part 2 post that I visited this cafe on the last day there before heading home yeah. So here’s more about it!



The interior of the cafe is pretty ‘hip’, I think youngsters would love to hang out here. But too bad, not in Singapore haha. πŸ˜›OI000280

There are quite a variety of food to choose from, looking at the 2 full pages of food & drinks.OI000272

Oh yes, unfortunately they do not have menus in other language (likely because not many tourists know about them), so it’ll be good to have someone who can read the language with you, or you probably need your google translation haha.


As a bread lover, how can I miss out their toast right!! We chose a few items to share!2017-03-21_10-26-57

Butter toast with condensed milk and keju (cheese) spreading on top, apparently if you come to Indonesia often, you will realize they are cheese lover, LOTS of food that comes with cheese wherever you go! My heaven :):)OI000303


Next is the toast with NUTELLA spreading and condensed milk! Well, usually it won’t go wrong with Nutella! (Coming from a Nutella lover haha)OI000305Β OI000308

I love how they are quite generous with the spread. Give them a LIKE πŸ˜€OI000307


& lastly comes the fried banana with cheese! I personally prefer the toast.Β OI000309

There are quite a variety of drinks to choose from as well. & as usual it all came in pretty generous portion haha.OI000301

If you are seated at the first level, you can enjoy the view of the town as well, I remember the beach is just opposite.OI000275

& yes, not only bread & toast, they do have other main course item as well, but because we had some food beforehand, we only went to get some desserts πŸ˜€OI000311


As you walk further into the cafe, you realize they actually have 2 more levels further up, so you can see the cafe can actually hold many people.OI000278


It was in the afternoon when we were there, so that probably explained the empty seats haha. But the interior is pretty nice and clean yeah!OI000283

View from the top level, very spacious!OI000290


The top level has a mini garden just beside, Girls, time to take some photos!OI000285



I like all the quotes they place around the cafe. Oh yes do you know if you wanna buy all these quotes decoration stuff, Indonesia is quite a good place to get. πŸ™‚OI000282

If their sign is not too obvious, look out for these few huge letters when you pass by, it should be easy to spot!OI000279

OI000276Just a 5 mins drive away from the ferry terminal, you do not have to worry about being late for your ferry! Yes it”s really that near!

& it’s open till LATE! πŸ˜€


Address: Tanjungpinang Barat, West Tanjungpinang, Tanjung Pinang City, Riau Islands, Indonesia

Phone: +62 771 315757

Opening Hours:Β 3PM–1AM

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