Tokyo itinerary 2/4 – Sanrio Puroland

Hey guys! So before I went to Tokyo, I tried to search for attractions which I have not visited before, & Sanrio Puroland pop up in my google search. I was contemplating whether to go or not, but since admission ticket was cheap, why not! 😛


When you enter, you will be greeted by the display of Gudetama merchandise, & fans will go like ‘AHHHHH’. Not kidding, but this character is quite a hot stuff now haha.20170515_133330


Just this area alone can take up some time for the fans I believe, so many merchandise!20170515_133421



& the gift shop is right at the corner after you are done with the Gudetama area. Good tactic they have to make people spend money first before visiting the amusement area haha.



& hey I didn’t buy anything from the store at all, I thought I would. x_x Or maybe I’m over the theme park craze age already haha. 20170515_134216

But I really like how they always make it so colorful and attractive in theme parks, just looking at the display and designs make people happy!20170515_134520

The basement (which is the lowest level) is the amusement park, where all the rides are! Just follow the escalator down!20170515_144301


If you are bringing kids along, do check out for the performance schedule & standby (for a good view) for the performance earlier! 🙂20170515_135012

We went to try one of the ride since we are there already (at least know what kind of ride they have yeah haha)20170515_144735


For people who can’t take too exciting rides, not to worry, the rides here will not scare you out AT ALL. & it’s similar to the Madagascar ride in SG’s USS!20170515_145151

At the same level, there is a Gudetama theme park, basically another area for the fans to take more photos with Gudetama!20170515_150200



The 2nd level (top level) has a dining area, with about only 3-4 stalls, all are selling main course except for one selling dessert crepes and soft serve! 🙂20170515_143809 20170515_135658Surprisingly, there were not much people, unlike what we usually see in other theme park’s restaurant. I guess it’s good too, don’t need to queue for food haha.


I believe I ordered the Carbonara, & surprisingsly it tasted quite OK! (Based on the fact that theme park food are usually not so good uh hahaha.)20170515_141046

& I know why some people like theme park food, because they always make the food so pretty! Even I think it’s cute heh.20170515_141259

The friend had beef bowl, & it looks sooooo good! Oh yes people I don’t take beef, so I only admire the bowl while the friend ate happily haha.20170515_141708There is another dining area at the amusement park area too! & after looking at their menu, we concluded they have ‘cuter looking’ food. Yes, I’m sure you can imagine what I’m saying, so if you are looking for more instagram worthy food, try the restaurants in that area!

Right outside the restaurant there’s an area for CINNAMOROLL, I don’t know much about this character, but it sure looks pretty cute. 😀20170515_144035

Many many merchandise for CINNAMOROLL fans!20170515_144047

& we spotted the mascot! The friend was wondering the minimum height for the person to fit into this mascot because it’s really quite short haha.20170515_144209

20170515_144253We didn’t spend a whole day there because there’s not much to do there for us, but I’m sure it would be a fun day trip for families with kids!



Opening Hours: 1000-1700 (Daily)
(But do visit the website prior to buying tickets in case of closure on special occasions!)

*You can purchase your tickets in advance online on many websites, I bought mine from KLOOK for less than $25! 😀


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