Tokyo itinerary 3/4 – Oedo-Onsen-Monogatari (大江戸温泉)

Sorry that I’m taking ages to update my itineraries! Anyway TBC: The friend wanted to try onsen in Japan, & so we visited Oedo-Onsen-Monogatari (大江戸温泉) !

Oedo-Onsen-Monogatari is one of the largest onsen theme park in Japan, situated in Odaiba Tokyo, you can see the attraction from the metro as you pass by, and just a mere 3 mins walk to get you there from the station. (Direction is right at the end of the post)


We got our tickets in advance from Changi Recommends, only $24 for each adult admission, & $12 for kids! But similarly, you need to exchange for the attraction tickets in the Japan airport when you arrive!


Once you arrived, you need to remove your shoes and keep it in the locker (keep your keys well), & then you proceed to the counters to check in.20170516_125701_001

After checking in, you get to choose the Yukata & belt you prefer! That’s what you will be wearing while in the park, no outside clothes!20170516_130009

After choosing your yukata, you will then proceed to the changing room for male & female respectively, & that’s where you keep your personal items in the lockers, change into your yukata.20170516_125926

No photos & videos in the changing room and onsen area because everyone is naked there, so sorry people!

Anyway, this place is named as a theme park because besides onsen, you get to enjoy a wide variety of food and games as well in the amusement area!20170516_132252


The dining area is like a big food court where there are different stalls for you to choose from, just take your pick! Payment will be made all at once at the check in/out counter when you check out at the end.20170516_133249

There is an area for foot bath as well, and photo taking is allowed here!20170516_142041


You can pay for the fish therapy if you are interested.20170516_134833

I think I have been feeling tired recently, so massage kinda attracted me, after the foot bath. This is on the 2nd level, so you pay first for what you want at the 1st level counter, and go up here to get your treatment.20170516_151620

Body massage price range from JPY1500 to JPY9400. depending on what kind & duration of massage that you choose.

Facial price range from JPY4800 to JPY19800, while for foot massage, it starts from JPY4500 to JPY9400. Definitely not very cheap though haha.

I got the body massage nevertheless.20170516_142431

The area for foot massage, and the area for body massage is just beside (not in the photo).20170516_151453 I didn’t think the massage was very good frankly, nothing wrong with the friendly staff of course, just not enough for me maybe haha.


You actually see these vending machines outside the massage place after you exit, & I like how they actually have cooked food in the vending machines. ❤ ❤ Life will be easier for me if I have these machines at my workplace. #notgonnacometrue


Bad photo, but actually this is the relaxation room, just right beside the massage place when you exit. 20170516_151737

This is basically a place for you to sleep! Okie relax maybe, for those who wants to catch some TV program on their entertainment system.20170516_153926

It was really comfy though, & we really slept for awhile oops.

20170516_153941There is also another resting area at the 1st level, but none of these comfortable chairs and TVs, you sleep on the floor hahaha.


Anyway, you can also visit Aqua City Odaiba (where you see the ‘Statue of Liberty’) after that for shopping, eating after that, it’s only a few stops away!

Oedo-Onsen-Monogatari (大江戸温泉)

Address: Japan, 〒135-0064 Tokyo, Koto, Aomi, 2 Chome−6番3号
Hours: 1100 – 0900 (Yes they operate overnight till next morning)
Contact: +81 3-5500-1126

How to get there:

By Train: Approximately 2 minutes by foot from Telecom Center Station (テレコムセンター駅) on the Yurikamome Line

By Shuttle Bus: Approximately 7 minutes by shuttle bus (free of charge) from Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line. For shuttle bus schedule,click here.


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