Tokyo trip 4/4 – Mount Fuji/Shiba-sakura Festival 2017

I have to confess, that after many times to Tokyo, this is the first time (FINALLY!) that I visit the famous Mount Fuji, & I’m lucky that this season when I visited, the Shiba-sakura festival was going on!

pic_headerInformation from Shibazakura web page

We tried taking the train to Mount Fuji, and it took us about about 3hrs to get there (inclusive of transit time etc.), so I really suggest you guys to take the direct bus from Shinjuku’s bus terminal, only about 2 hours, most importantly save the trouble and time to find your way around the train stations!

20170518_132254This is the Fujisan express that will stop at various stations near Mount Fuji, including the amusement park! We took the normal one instead of the express (save money) heh. The train is so nicely decorated btw, kids will be happy I’m sure!

P5180382Fuji-Q Highland! I will probably visit here again next time, didn’t have much time that day to visit. 😦

P5180374Upon arrival at Kawaguchiko station, you will see different buses which brings you to various sites around Mount Fuji, do check with the tourist information counter staff first if you are not sure, maps are available too!

20170518_154511From Kawaguchiko station, the bus took about 30 mins to arrive at the festival site.

20170518_151926Anyway, what is Shibazakura?

20170518_151718Shibazakura (scientific name: Phlox subulata) is a perennial of the family Polemoniaceae, and a species of phlox.

From April to May, it blooms in small blossoms of around 1.5 cm diameter, in red, pink, white, or purple. Native to North America, it is also known as “Moss Phlox” Noted for the resemblance of its flowers to cherry blossoms, it is a creeper plant, covering the ground like a lawn, and thus it is called “lawn cherry” (shiba-zakura) in Japanese. This feature makes it a popular choice for edgings or ground cover.

20170518_151816_001Since there’s no sakura for us this season, shiba-zakura is a good alternative! 😀

20170518_154317We were lucky that is stopped raining when we reached the site, when it was still raining when we were at Kawaguchiko station! So we were able to enjoy the view!

20170518_152648Of course, since it’s a festival, how can we forget about food and souvenirs.

20170518_152731There were various food stalls for selection, and also restaurants. I must say, you can’t miss these beautiful crepes in Japan, they are everywhere!


;20170518_152307The festival featured a few types of Shibazakura, although the site is not big, but good enough to spend 3-4 hours, including meals and some photo taking.


20170518_151722Not a must go festival, but good to visit if you are visiting Mount Fuji and have some time to spare! 🙂 Beautiful nevertheless!

P5180370A wider view of the whole site from the observation area!


We took the last bus from the festival site back to Kawaguchiko station to catch the bus back to city, we couldn’t get seats for the bus bound for Shinjuku, but thankfully there are still seats available for the bus bound for Shibuya!

P5180373You can purchase the bus ticket at the station itself, but it’s probably better to purchase in advance online or at the bus terminal in the city!

P5180376The bus stop will be stated on your bus ticket, so just follow the assigned number on the ticket and wait there before departure! The bus captain will check your ticket before you board, so don’t worry about boarding the wrong bus! 🙂


Yes, it’s definitely better to take the direct bus in my opinion, save a lot of time and effort!

20170518_181413Due to the rain earlier on, we couldn’t take a nice photo of Mount Fuji when we passed by, but guess what…!

20170520_120142I got a even better view of Mount Fuji when I was on my flight back to Singapore! How lucky right!

That’s about it for this Japan trip! 😀

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