Elemen – Towards a healthier diet

As a meat lover, going for a vegetarian diet will rarely come across my mind. But the friend was on a vegetarian diet yesterday so I tagged along to ‘cleanse’ myself as well! 😀

elemen-millenia-walkImage from Google

Elemen serves wholesome food for vegetarian as well as for those who like to have some healthy food once in a while!

e8acccca8db8d1d292eb265343899881_1469365475_800x0_crop_800x800_f688d8fce2Image from Google

The restaurant was bright and clean, quite fitting into the theme of healthy diet. Apparently it was still quite busy when we were there at 1 plus in the afternoon (so many health conscious people in SG haha).

We ordered the 5 course meal because it’s only $26.80 (exc GST/ST), and you get to try more food at a cheaper price.

We started with the Elemen appetizer, you start eating from the right to left, ending with the tomato. 🙂


Next, you get to choose either the salad or soup. I chose the Cream of peppery herbal soup ($6.80), because it comes with fried dough fritter (you tiao). 😀

Flavoured with herbal, white pepper, cinnamon and star anise,although I didn’t finish the soup (because I’m not a fan of herbal stuff), but I still like the creamy texture of the soup!

The friend had the watermelon and feta salad ($5.80)

For the main course, I was already eyeing for the Asia Curry with Dough-Balls ($12.80) when I was browsing through their menu before visiting, because it’s baked CHEESE dough balls (Yes, am a fan of Cheese!).

Improvised with nyonya recipes, this fragrant and mild curry features coconut milk, monkey-head mushroom, romanesco broccoli. I believe there were some fried ‘meat’ (fake ones of course) in the curry, and it really tasted like real meat! Yums 😀

The friend had the Black Truffle Porcini Pasta ($18.80), and I really like the pasta! The taste of the truffle, together with mushrooms and the pasta is great! I wouldn’t mind going vegetarian once in a while for this pasta. 😀

Dessert! I did not think too much about it and when for the Sticky Date Pudding with Gelato ($9.80)

IMG20170717141648I was a bit skeptical before the dessert came, because I wasn’t expecting much from the pudding, but hey I guess I made the right choice! I felt like I was eating brownie with gelato, the combination that never goes wrong. 😀

Five Treasures Ai-yu ($6.80) for the friend! Very refreshing combination!

Last but not least, beverages are included as part of the 5 course, I had the Ice Coconut Mint with Butterfly Pea Flower ($4.80)
IMG20170717142031Of course, the first thing that attracted me was the beautiful BLUE! & well, of course the taste was good nevertheless, very refreshing and slight taste of coconut, not too overwhelming.

The friend got the Summer Fruits Tea ($4.80), but apparently is wasn’t as sweet as she expected it to be. IMG20170717142041

It was definitely an all new dining experience for me, and now I’ve got a good place to go to if I want to go for a healthier diet!

ELEMEN @ Millenia Walk

9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-75A/76 Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Nearest MRT: Promenade Station
TELEPHONE: +65 6238 0511
92 + 8 (Private Room)
Monday to Sunday
Lunch: 11.30am to 4.00pm
(last order at 3pm)

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