BKK Trip July 2017 1/3 – TALAD Neon Night Market

Hello guys! So I made a trip to Bangkok in July recently, this time it was just an ESS trip (Eat-shop-sleep):D Because people who know me will realize that I will do some sightseeing for every travel, but this time round no sight see at all!

We arrived pretty late in the evening, so after we finish with all the check-in and stuff, it was close to 10pm already I believe, so we decided to drop by the night market nearby for some food & shopping!

TALAD NEON NIGHT MARKET!2017-08-09_10-26-46The night market is one of the latest night market by the Platinum Group, and located just conveniently outside Berkeley hotel, literally! The market is open only from 4pm-12 midnight (Wed-Sunday), so do take note & don’t waste a trip down when it’s not operating!

2017-08-09_10-26-02Just like any other night market, you will see a section with all clothes and accessories, and the other with all the food/drinks!

2017-08-09_10-36-17 There was a period of time when I felt that the prices for the clothing/accessories are not as cheap anymore, but now when I revisit the country again, I think the prices are becoming reasonable again! Yay to more shopping haha!

2017-08-09_10-27-38 The size of the market is not big, probably what you see in the picture, a football field size probably. But if you take some time to carefully go through each store, have some food, you probably can spend about 2-3 hours there.

2017-08-09_10-36-45The iconic statue at the night market, perfect meeting area that you won’t miss, which divides the night market between the food & clothing section as well.

2017-08-09_10-35-59As you go through the food section, you will be welcomed by many locals to visit their eateries, of course a variety of food to choose from, Mookata/Thai/Western cuisine all at affordable price!

Alternatively, if you prefer snacks/light bites like me in the middle of the night, there are many stalls selling those as well! These are some of the food that we got that night.

Mango sticky rice2017-08-09_10-29-11

The travel buddy is kinda a fan of Mango Sticky Rice, so we got this pretty one!2017-08-09_10-28-38

It’s easy to spot this stall, especially when the seller looks exactly like the cartoon version of the stall poster! So adorable! 😀2017-08-09_10-30-04

Chocolates with beautiful designs!2017-08-09_10-30-46

These chocolates definitely caught my eyes as we walked past, because they are so colorful! We got a few to try, and if you want you can even get a pretty gift box together with your chocolates as a gift for family & friends back home!2017-08-09_10-31-37

Fries in assorted flavors! 2017-08-09_10-34-06

I like how they try to beautify their stall with the miniature, seasonings. although it’s just a small stall. The owner who attended to us was so careful with the food, and putting all the sauce and seasoning carefully and slowly to make sure they look presentable at the same time! Kudos to his effort! 🙂2017-08-09_10-34-41

We got the salted egg flavored fries! The flavor that never goes wrong! They do have other flavors available, all below THB100!2017-08-09_10-32-14

Last but not least, how can we miss out Thai Milk Tea here!2017-08-09_10-32-32

Although there’s slightly too much ice haha, but the price and taste made up for it! 2017-08-09_10-33-40

Wanted to do a video about the night market, but I lost my video footage scream. I will do so if I ever find the footage!


TALAD Neon Night Market

Address1087 ถนน เพชรบุรีตัดใหม่ Khwaeng Makkasan, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand (Next to Berkerly Hotel)

Opening hours: 1600-0000 (Wed – Sun)

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