BKK Trip July 2017 2/3 – Villa De Bear + Rod Fai Night Market

I’m sure many will know that Bangkok is not only a good place for shopping, but also a heaven for cafe hoppers! Cafes/theme restaurants are so popular in Bangkok because of their Instagram worthy designs, food (& price hehe). As much as I want to visit all of them, but due to time constraint & tummy constraint (Yes, there’s only so much I can eat in a day sadly), we can only pick some for each trip!

This time we visited Villa De Bear!

Villa De Bear is a restaurant with its own bedtime back story: The restaurant’s arm-less black bear mascot Villy (picture below), , inherited his uncle’s Teddy bear factory but was apparently more passionate about spreading joy with food than toys. He turned the factory into a food village, honoring the venue’s history by designing thread-, button- and gear-themed dining halls.2017-08-16_01-38-57

The restaurant is on the right side as you walk in from the main entrance.2017-08-16_01-44-30


There were quite a variety to choose from the menu, although the price is more expensive (in Bangkok’s context), it’s still quite reasonable!2017-08-16_01-31-35

Yes, tom yum soup is a must!2017-08-16_01-48-21

There were generous servings of seafood in the soup, which is actually good for sharing for 3-4 people, even for 5 if the group has a generally smaller appetite.


Oh I tell you, don’t judge the dish by its cover, although it doesn’t look as appetizing as the soup, it is delicious! It tasted something like the hor fun in Singapore, but with a sweet taste! Dip the fried dumpling skin into the dish, it taste heavenly I swear! 😀2017-08-16_01-34-36

Last main course we got was the German Pork Hock! Although it looks small, it’s actually good for sharing if you have at least 3-4 people!2017-08-16_01-49-00

Mashed potatoes and 4 different dipping sauces were served together with the dish. I cannot forget how crispy the pork knuckle was. Awww missing the dish already!2017-08-16_01-47-12


Desserts/cakes are available as well! How can we forget about that!2017-08-16_01-44-55

We actually ordered a Thai Tea Crepe Cake (THB110) & also the Kinny (THB130) below! The filling is actually white chocolate, and good to eat once it’s served, because the cake will start to collapse after a while hahah.2017-08-16_01-47-44

On the left side when you come in from the entrance is the bakery, where your cakes come from! 2017-08-16_01-45-13


Glad that I had my meal before I saw these cute stuff, if not my wallet would have burst from buying all these haha.2017-08-16_01-45-45



Although the place is not big, the area is really well decorated and clean, definitely a good place for an Instagram photo! 2017-08-16_01-46-45


Even the washroom cannot be missed!2017-08-16_01-37-17


You probably can even take a selfie in the pretty washroom really.2017-08-16_02-27-27

Look how they even incorporated the bear design for their water tap.2017-08-16_01-38-28


I guess even if you don’t understand the language, you still can’t help but to look through the poster. #toocute2017-08-16_01-39-18

We chose to visit the restaurant on the weekend, because they are only open from 5pm during weekdays, but they start earlier at 11am on weekends! & if you want prefer taking photos in the day time like me, remember to choose the weekend to drop by!


Villa De Bear

Address: 5 Ratchaphruek Rd, ตำบลบางระมาด อำเภอตลิ่งชัน Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10170, Thailand

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 1700-2400 / Sat-Sun 1100-2400

~~ ~~

Later in the evening, we visited the Rod Fai Night market, according to online research it’s a pretty huge market with very cheap products, so we decided to give it a visit!2017-08-16_01-42-23

The market is definitely much bigger than the TALD NEON Night Market we went the previous night, but not as big scale as the Chatuchak Market, and it’s pretty crowded especially at the food street and the stalls in the middle of the market!2017-08-16_01-43-41

We came across a stall selling accessories, and they were selling 10 pair for THB200 if I recall correctly, plus a free pair! Good deal right!2017-08-16_01-41-39


You will come across a section which is less crowded after you finished with the stalls in the main street, and over here you will still see some stores selling all kinds of products, and some small scale cafes too!2017-08-16_01-44-04

We randomly stop by a cafe which only sell toasts, basically toasts in different flavors. We can tell that toast is really something popular in Bangkok as well yeah haha.2017-08-16_01-43-02

Apparently most of the stores/cafes along the lane take on the vintage theme I realized!2017-08-16_01-42-42

As a bread lover, I would love to try all if possible. But yeah I can only dream haha.2017-08-16_02-28-20

I think most of the toast are only selling at less than THB50, which is really cheap, given that it’s quite a filling snack.2017-08-16_01-43-18

Apparently you will see many youngsters hanging out around the area for a drink later in the night as well in the different pubs. 2017-08-16_01-41-20

After a night in the market, we didn’t buy much over there, but here are some of the things we got with a good deal!

The super cheap earrings/studs – 10 for THB200 (Technically 11 for THB200 because 1 is free)2017-08-16_01-35-29

Socks! Yes I think it’s really a must buy in Bangkok, like less than/around THB100 for these, while SG sells 3 for $10 usually. AND! these are anti slip ankle socks, so the socks won’t fall off when you walk! My favorite! <3<32017-08-16_01-34-59


That’s about it for the second part of my BKK trip! Please share with me any interesting places to visit, activities to do in Bangkok if you have! 😀



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