Paragliding – Ganung Payung Beach Bali

Hello all! I’m back in SG!

Had a wonderful Bday spent in Bali this year, awesome time trying many activities!

For the last 2 years I’ve spent my Bday in the sky, 2014 I was on the aircraft with my pax (literally spending my bday in the sky haha) & last year I decided not to jump down from the aircraft #skydiving haha.

This year I am going back up to the sky, and we did Paragliding!dsc00496

It was about 30 mins drive from our villa in Uluwatu to the paragliding spot. & seriously everything happened so fast the moment we arrived, Β they just bring us to wear the safety equipment etc, and the next moment we were up the sky aleady haha. I think they were afraid that the wind might stop, so better push us out fast haha.XIAOYISo beautiful isn’t it!

&I really didn’t have time to be nervous or what because I got ‘kidnapped’ up to the sky in a flash πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

2016-09-06-17-21-24The instructor is a pretty nice guy, he was actually holding an office job before he became an instructor, but he thought it was too boring and decided to do paragliding, and since then he have been flying for 10+ years.

So inspirational right (To me) haha. Moral of the story is find something that you enjoy, and you will never find it tiring even after 10 years.XIAOYIThe photos will be all that I saw from the sky, I was really amazed by how beautiful the view was.


XIAOYICompared to skydiving, I think I get to enjoy the view more during paragliding! It’s like sitting on a unicorn bringing you for a ride in the sky!Β XIAOYIOh you know, the instructor plays music up in the sky as well, so the whole flying journey becomes so fun and relaxing!

dsc00499Back on earth after 20mins of ‘sky tour’! The rest of the photos are for you guys to enjoy!

dsc00568How can the sky & sea be so beautiful??!! Most of the photos here are not edited, so I’m telling you it’s so beautiful that you don’t need to waste time editing! & these are the view that I saw EXACTLY:O


dsc00574How wonderful it will be if you wake up to this everyday right!

XIAOYITotally love my bday this year, HAPPY BDAY TO ME AGAIN! WI’ll definitely do this again!

& BTW, if you guys need more information about the price & website of this activity just email me yeah, email address is at the side!

Find me on Instagram for my paragliding video πŸ˜€



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3 Responses to Paragliding – Ganung Payung Beach Bali

  1. bethan343 says:

    Fab photos!!! Making Me really want to
    Go to Bali!!! As if I didn’t enough already!!! Xx


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